June 2010


In early June, a meeting was called by the Government's Infrastructure Planning Commission (IPC) to bring together National Grid (NG), Officers of Local Government and the countryside and pressure groups that are actively opposing NG's proposals.  The purpose of the meeting was to air and discuss the views of all parties on the consultation process thus far. The meeting was held on the morning of 14th June 2010 at Hadleigh Football Club with Babergh District Council hosting the event and the IPC chairing it. 

We in the above mentioned interest groups presented a fulsome condemnation of the inadequacy of the consultation as conducted by National Grid thus far. In order to present a coherent case we collaborated in producing a comprehensive argument for rejecting the validity of the consultation and one of us, Charles Aldous QC of the Colne-Stour Countryside Association spoke for us all. The meeting was chaired in exemplary fashion by the IPC's Jan Bessell (Pre-application Commissioner) and saw a frank though courteous exchange of views.